Very little in life is more important than our relationships at work, in life and with self. How connected we feel to others is a strong predictor of our happiness and our feelings of self-worth.

Our deeply connected relationships can ultimately give us true meaning and purpose.

But, if we’re feeling disconnected, alone, and segregated from those around us, how can we become more connected? Why does it seem so easy for some to create deep connections while it’s hard for others?

In Sheila Stabile’s book, Connection You! Build, Strengthen, and Profit by Making Connections in Work, Life, and Self she shares insights in 45 stories will open your eyes about the importance of connections with others.

By identifying and developing your ability to create, build and maintain connections at work, in life and with self, you can live a rich and rewarding life.

This is a book you will want to, and need to, share with your work colleagues and your family and friends at home.

Connection You! will help you build connections that will reward you for the rest of your life.